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Bred is a performance by the Tricycle Theatre 15-18 yrs Young Company on 17 – 19 March 2016, 7pm.

Devised by the 15-18’s Tricycle Young Company, Bred is inspired by factual research into the sex lives of teenagers.

) until the whole audience had found its way to the room at which point the ‘party’ began.

A combination of freeze-action-monologues, choreographed dance scenes and set pieces between couples and friends allowed us to see something of the hyper-diversity that marks the sexual culture of inner city teens.

The plot thickens when she receives a notice telling her that her grandfather has died and left her million.

We also discover something about gender, that girls can pressure boys into sex and that not all boys are gagging for it.

The law appears as a key player at the end of the play when the audience is asked to choose the fate of Wolf who is at risk of becoming a sexual offender having had her way with a 15 year old boy worse the wear for drink.

The audience feels put on the spot, what is the ‘right’ thing to do in these post-Saville sensitive times.

The majority decision to ‘report her’ triggers two films with the two protagonists-as-adults reflecting on how this had been a critical moment in their lives.

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