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Barriers to Consolidation There are 4 main barriers to printer consolidation.

Without any type of management, printing costs can become out of control.

Without this visibility it is difficult to muster exectuive commitment and support.

If you are a small or medium business owner, learning how to save money in turbulent business times is critical.

With no visibility, getting up the necessary executive sport for consolidation is nearly impossible.

Printer costs are budgeted and tracked by each separate department, but instead they should be aggregated into their own budget category.

But even though this is a highly effective strategy, most organizations have no way of aggregating their total printing costs because no one individual is responsible for managing their printer sharing program.By going green, companies provide service to the community and the environment, helping the business to achieve positive social and environmental change.Networking and Centralization One last key of printer consolidation is networking and centralization.The organization does not realize how much potential there is to save money.Since IT doesn’t have much reason to push consolidation efforts forward, and your executives aren’t interested in doing so, either, there is no clear way to get the initiative off the ground.

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