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The most direct method available to constrain the time interval during which an orocline formed is to obtain absolute age constraints on fabrics generated within syn-orocline strike–slip shear zones that accommodated rotations around a vertical axis during the development of crustal or lithospheric scale orogenic curvature.

Here we present a data set of Ar ages obtained from five shear-zones, some of which display curved traces parallel to the Cantabrian Orocline structural grain in NW Iberia and are interpreted to have been generated coevally to it.

This demonstrated that mating between the two was possible.

(PROSE: Spiral Scratch) Silurians were cold blooded and could only survive at warmer temperatures. (PROSE: Blood Heat, TV: The Hungry Earth) Silurians had a hunter's anatomy, with powerful muscles and hollow bones.

Unlike other species, Silurians showed an important intraspecific variation, with vast differentiation between breeds, such as the number of eyes, the formation of their pupils and the colour of their skin.

Technologically advanced, they lived alongside their aquatic cousins, the Sea Devils.Though they were taller than humans, they were also lighter and faster.According to one account, Silurians were incapable of crying, (PROSE: Blood Heat) although another account showed Silurians did indeed cry.This age is consistent with the age constraints obtained from paleomagnetic and structural data that place the onset of oroclinal bending in Moscovian times.Our Ar age determinations therefore provide a reliable absolute constraint on the age of buckling of the Variscan orogen around a vertical axis and provide further evidence that oroclinal bending is unrelated to Variscan convergence/collision or the subsequent extensional collapse of the mountain belt.

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