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For vocal microphones this is notable as the sound quality can vary dependent on how the artist is holding the microphone.

If the artist is holding the mic too close the audio can typically sound more muddy or unclear.

A part of Shure's legacy of renown, the KSM8's rugged housing is designed to assure it stands up to the rigors of daily live use.

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Do the high prices truly bring a euphoric audio experience?From the high quality, removable Kevlar-reinforced cables (there are two, one is 64 inches long and the other 46 inches) with rigid wiring around the ears for a secure fit to the inclusion of nozzles that alter the sound signature subtly to the listener's preference, this is not an earphone pair with a lack of high quality, thoughtful accessories.The cables, which are encased in transparent sheathing, detach at the earpieces themselves, which are also made of transparent plastic—all so you can view the four balanced armature drivers in each ear with pride.The default nozzles that the SE846 ship with in-place are the neutral, balanced pair.Moving along, Shure includes an inline volume adapter that connects to end of the cable and then to whatever 3.5mm jack you wish, a ¼-inch headphone jack adapter, an airline jack adapter, a shirt clip, a cleaning cloth, a small zip-up case, and the large, clear plastic hard shell case.

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