Did christina aguilera dating cam gigandet

“She has my respect & a great deal of my love.” “I wanted 2 help her ! ” Cam also got a Tweet shout out from the superstar as did Peter Gallagher, who are also part of the cast. “I was scared but I loved working with all the REALLY Precious Talented actors!

Meanwhile, Christina looked very pretty in pink with a matching scarf over her hair and shades.

Anyway, Cam Gigandet is looking hot and he may be the reason I will go and see this movie …

“When I got back into my normal life, it didn’t feel quite right,” she says, adding that the couple, who wed in an estimated million bash in California’s Napa Valley, tried to make it work for their son Max, 2. 18, is opening up about the year of heartache that led to her agonizing choice to file for divorce and break up her family. I had a lot of things stirring inside of me that I felt were being suppressed.

“When you’re unhappy in a marriage, your children are the ones who suffer,” she says. I was nurturing Max and felt independent in that relationship. As a musician, you’re with your posse all the time, and during the movie I removed myself from mine. We tried to work on the marriage and figure out a common ground.

I wanted to marry someone who would be a good father.

I couldn’t face living another five years [together] and feeling that I wasted [that time] being unhappy.

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