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I fell in love when I felt your soft lips press against mine for the first time.Deep and steady, we moved together in much the same way as lava that would forever change its’ landscape.

I fell in love a week later when we knew we had to tell our parents about the new development in our friendship turned relationship.

I like your pants.’ They were blue corduroys my mom had bought me the day before. The characters are not having safe sex, please use condoms while exploring your sexuality.

I didn’t have the presence of mind, then, to compliment your peacoat jacket, or your eyes that matched the sea during twilight, or your hair that looked like sunshine and was already a mess despite your mother having fussed over it all morning. I fell in love all those summers by the river, where we crouched on the big rocks and learned to skip stones, always trying but never succeeding in getting them to the other side.

I fell in love the first awkward night we slept together the weekend our parents went to a wedding the next state over.

We feigned busy schedules that would excuse us from the affair, a lie that they surely saw through but pretended to believe.

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