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They trust President Trump far, far more than they could ever trust anything the MSM says about him.And they trust all the non MSM sources of information that again, unless there is something disastrous and undeniable, will say and write positive things about his Presidency.You talk about creating a word of mouth network of support. For the MSM literals, its “us vs them”, for the MSM haters , its “us vs them” In this election there were more MSM “literals”, but the Trump campaign was a lot smarter and able to rally the MSM haters and turn them into Trump believers and voters in the states they needed them. The Trump campaign had to be laughing at me and thanking me at the same time. It’s just more confirmation that the MSM doesn’t get it. They are still out to get him and make him look bad.

A couple more guesses and presumptions from my personal swamp: 1: My guess is that all the meetings with non-supporters are` “kiss the ring and kiss my ass meetings” and not true job interviews. Or at least ones that look like they are a hiring of someone who didn’t support President Elect Trump’s campaign.

I’m not yet convinced that all of our President Elect’s NY Values are gone. Economically, there are positives in his plan to borrow at hopefully what will still be effectively less than 0 percent interest.

I think if they can take this approach rather than an infrastructure bank, it will pay off nicely in growth for the economy.

She was a threat to their lives, their livelihood, their country. She would never be able to wash that off and be trusted and neither could the elites or special interests that wanted to help her take away his supporter’s liberties. We are going through a transition after which Donald Trump will be our President. They knew every single past issue each faced would surface.

It was clear to his supporters that he understood them and she was a threat. From tweets to not being confirmed to breitbart news.

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