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Similarly, if you have the place to share and plan to charge more, you should expect it will take longer to find someone willing to pay that. This may mean you can charge a BIT more than average, and you'll probably get your "pick" of roommates. This doesn't mean those looking for a reduced rent to be mostly absentee can't find it.However, if you're trying to charge a LOT more than the going rate for half a 2-bedroom share in Halifax, most will automatically rule you out, will never be matched with you, and will stick to possibilities that are more typical price-wise, and more budget-friendly. Less rent = more folks will be interested = less time. It does mean you should understand this sort of roommate situation will be more unusual, and start looking earlier to allow for the additional time it may take you.It may ultimately prove refreshing to come home from your night of carousing and NOT have to wonder why there's a young man you've never met before passed out on your sofa, or half a pineapple pizza in your tub.Extra especially if you'd like women to consider roommating with you.If you want someone willing to live near kids appropriately, you'll do much better to consider all age ranges as well.Same goes for married couples looking to rent rooms.If you can't pay at least the average, you'll probably need more time, because you won't have as many options as someone willing to pay the going rate. we've had some exclaiming, "But you see, my place is really worth a lot more because it's better/safer/larger/more beautiful/has so many amenities! However, no matter how nice your place is, most room seekers still want to save money, not spend as much as possible. Fellow renters have a number of non-negotiable bills, and usually need to fill that roommate slot with someone that will shoulder them equally.You should also expect a less central location and fewer amenities. What you're offering is actually "worth" in the minds of most is what the current roommate market in Halifax will bear, or what you can get someone to pay to live there. If you think your place is extremely nice, many roommate seekers will probably agree! Your potential non-presence may be appealing, but it won't change their financial situation.

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(More of an level playing field.) Almost all female roommate seekers fear the possibility of a male roommate that would "hit on" them, make inappropriate sexual advances, unwanted sexual comments, etc. Most women have endured something like that sometime someplace, some situation where they were repeatedly exposed to some guy who was repeatedly expressing interest they repeatedly did not reciprocate. Women on a roommate site want to avoid that interpersonal hell.

And THEN, after that lengthy list of maturity specifications . Nope, not saying only those over 30 are "mature" in those ways. Also not saying absolutely everyone over 30 is "mature" in all those ways either. Meanwhile, considering a range certainly won't rule out roommates that are very young AND very mature.

You'd just be expanding your possibilities and upping your chances of actually finding a compatible roommate in the near future.

We keep our database as current as humanly possible, but each day you fail to respond to a good roommate match is a day less likely they will still be available.

Roommate seeking is a "you snooze, you lose" proposition!

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