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Optimus Prime: After eons of conflict, I finally see the truth of your words, Megatron. Optimus Prime: This universe, no matter how vast, will never be big enough for you and I to coexist.An Arch Enemy, archfoe, archnemesis, or simply nemesis is some character's designated and most important enemy.Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and others all consider Spider-Man their most hated foe, but compared to the Goblin, Venom, or Doc Ock, Spidey regards these guys more like superpowered nuisances.Also, remember that being the Big Bad does not automatically make a villain the hero's arch enemy.See also Breakout Villain, for those instances when a run-of-the-mill villain ascends to Arch Enemy status.(From Marvel Entertainment)The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer dropped Monday morning, and since it hit the web, we've had plenty of time to dissect the new clip, and analyze its significance.

The Arch Enemy will stand out from the Super Hero's Rogues Gallery — there will be one opponent where the relationship to the hero and the motivations for battling them are more potent.Most typically, the Arch Enemy is a foil of some sort.For example, the Arch Enemy of the physically strong could be very smart.The first trailer was a pretty straight-forward introduction to the characters — a smart move since these are Marvel's strangest characters being brought to screen yet.This trailer includes a quick intro to the core five Guardians, but also introduces several other characters, and sends some... Model-turned-jewelry-designer Kimora Lee Simmons and actor Djimon Hounsou are expecting their first child together, US Weekly reports.

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