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They were successful on three onside kicks, two of them mishandled by the same John Tyler player, and now, with a few seconds remaining, all they had to do was kickoff and stop John Tyler on no more than one play.

But they kicked off deep (you know how I feel about that !

It was the only touchdown of his high school career.

One of the announcers was so excited that he couldn’t control himself, literally: “I done wet my britches!

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Rooney told of one game when tackle Al Wistert came limping off the field.

*********** A skater named Adam Rippon wins a bronze medal and the sports reporters go nuts. Even after combining two franchises, the Steagles had only 28 men on their roster, and often dressed as few as 25.

Washington’s high school sports governing body, the WIAA, has had it with AAU-induced transfers and their impact on the state’s high school sports.

Basketball, especially in the Seattle area, is the biggest offender, but it doesn’t take much of an imagination to see the potential of outside 7-on-7 competition to disrupt high school football programs.

Rules changes typically are proposed by members, and it’s rare when a change comes from the WIAA itself, but after consultation with associations in California, Michigan and Oregon, which already have rules attempting to deal with the problem, here’s what they’ve come up with: An athlete transferring into a school will have to sit out a year of competition in a sport if: A teammate on his “non-school sports team” (i.e., AAU basketball team or club soccer team or 7-on-7 team) also plays on the team at the new school.

The quarterback recruiting a few receivers comes to mind; or The athlete “received instruction” outside of school by a coach who is also on the staff at the new school.

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