Spb mobile weather not updating

I was disappointed by this list, which really felt incomplete.My town, Bristow, was not included in the list, not were many neighboring towns.Now, with version 3, Spb is pulling out all of the stops, giving us the carousel view, which lets you scroll through and access any screen in the interface; and the limitless customization of the lifestyle view. They have clearly targeted Spb’s Mobile Shell with their latest versions of TF3D, and Spb has clearly…CLEARLY taken up the challenge and fired back with Mobile Shell 3; but like you, I’m jumping the gun…Doug: Like Mobile Shell 2 (above, left), the main view in Mobile Shell 3 (above, right)still consists of three screens: Now, Launcher, and Contacts.Tap on the weather icon to head into the weather sub-panel.Sadly, this will give you only a four day forecast, as well as a little more detailed breakdown of the weather of the course of a selected date.Tapping the alarm panel, however, is where the illusion of Spb Mobile Shell takes a short break, because this will not take you into another Mobile Shell screen.Instead, this takes you straight into the default Windows Mobile Clocks & Alarms Settings.

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Instead, you have to select your location from a list.

You are really going to want to sit down, hit the jump, and enjoy the ride for this one.

Doug: With every iteration of Mobile Shell, Spb has meticulously offered new ways to access your important information.

This will show you whether you have any new email, text messages, voicemail, or missed calls.

That last one on the right will also show your phone profile.

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