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I sincerely hope to have an intact family unit, that is one of my fervent dreams.

And then theres the financial strains, the custody strains, the scheduling headaches and all the other "little" things that arise....

Finally, research shows that stepchildren do not accept a stepmother as readily as a stepfather and i've seen it over and over again (yes there are exceptions), and having step-parents myself, I can relate to this, and I just know that i'll never love your children as much as i'll love my own, as my step-parents never loved me as much as their own and this can be problematic (Don't get me wrong, they still loved me as I would love another child if this situation should happen to me, the key words are "as much as").Would your second child mean less to you then the first?I hope not...imsneaky, I sincerly hope you are joking. And no, angelicusbraticus, men with children are not the only ones who've burned us. What He Said That I Actually Agree With: Oh, I saw the someone else, just don't see why it would matter!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i ve dated guys with kids, doesn't bother me unless they are bad parents, **** about the kids mother, but It may be becasue I have a kid that it works for me, I m sure some no parent party girls might not be down with the responsibilty aspect of it (kid comes first, can't go out at the drop of a hat etc etc.)Maybe I'm wrong....if I were a woman, I'd be a little scared of a man who has the kids after a divorce.Not because of him, but his ex would need to be a drug addict, not have a job, an acoholic, abusive, have a criminal record......possibly the majority of these proven in court, before he would have the kids.

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