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Cristina describes how Vicki's transition has prompted her own introspection, and says that she has become a better person for it. With Stephanie is her best friend, Diana (74), whose presence is essential to her.

Jim Howley is a 33-year-old trans man from Hilliard, Ohio. (World of Wonder later cast Jim in their reality dating series, Transamerican Love Story.) Stephanie Battaglino (age 47) works as a marketing director. They keep Stephanie's sister and son up-to-date on her progress. For him and his wife, Kim, the surgeries are extremely important, but the expense is so great it has bankrupted them.

(The award went to A Jihad for Love.) Discovery Health rebroadcast the series in the US in 2009, and again in 2011 when it relaunched as Discovery Fit & Health. Bowers was the subject of the 2008 documentary Trinidad; Dr.

Marci Bowers is a gynecologist and obstetrician at the Mt. She is also a surgeon who specializes in gender confirmation surgeries, and she herself is transgender. Bowers describe something of their family lives, their experiences as transgender people, and their feelings about the past and this new phase of their transition.

Over the course of six episodes, 12 transgender people visit Dr. When they arrive at the hospital, the doctor talks with them about the procedure and their needs. Bowers' explanations of different aspects of the procedure are interspersed with conversation amongst the surgical team. Bowers visits them in their room, where they chat and talk about the surgical outcome and aftercare.

Vicki Estrada is a 54-year-old trans woman who has come to Mt. She is accompanied by her girlfriend Cristina and father Steven, both of whom are very supportive.

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This hypnotic form of Disco was in fact, borne out of Trinidad & Tobago, its brainchild being Stephen Encinas a one man writer, producer, singer and musician phenomenon.

This list will countdown 10 of the key records that will get any avid crate-digger, Funk fiend, or Disco aficionado draining their life savings quicker than you can spell Trinidadian discotheque.

#10 – Kaylan – Disco Reggae From their debut record released in 1977, this group fused a sun-kissed Reggae vibe that was pervasive around the Caribbean with the Disco sounds occupying New York clubs and loft spaces in the mid-to-late 70s.

Back in May last year, crate digger, musical supremo and unsurpassed bad man Daniel Plessow a.k.a.

Motor City Drum Ensemble unleashed a new wave of music that was previously alien to me.

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