Who is ken barlow dating

Fans were almost as familiar with Deirdre as with members of their own family.

With her oversized glasses, husky voice and big heart, she was a national icon.

Sources have told The Sun that the pair had ‘real chemistry’ ever since they first met on the soap.

They said: ‘Daniel was instantly attracted to Rob when he joined the cast.

Mary’s church, who dated Sean Tully and later Todd Grimshaw.

When she cheated on Ken with Mike Baldwin the breakdown of their marriage made national newspapers – the first time a fictional soap event had done so.

Their reconciliation was such big news it was announced at Old Trafford during a match between Manchester Utd and Arsenal. Ken 1 - Mike 0" leading to cheers from the spectators.

Rob meanwhile, is the third actor to join the soap playing the mysterious Daniel Osbourne.

In January of this year, Rob officially came out as gay, after revealing he had come out to his family years beforehand.

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